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14 August 2023

“Pardon Appeal and Repentance” Translated to English.

Through the efforts of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Office of Astan Quds Razavi, the book “Pardon Appeal and Repentance” was translated into English.

The book consists of five lectures by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the subject of pardon appeal and repentance, based on congregational Friday prayer’s sermons, meetings with government officials and speeches at the presidential bureau during his presidency.
These sayings include the pardon appeal, the prelude of repentance, the dimensions of pardon appeal and repentance, the effects of sin, the barriers to forgiveness, the Qadr night, the opportunity of pardon appeal, prayer, means of reminder, attention and pardon appeal which are compiled by the Sahba Institute, and the Department of Islamic Communications of the Astan Quds Razavi has translated and published it to English for sending to non-Iranian pilgrims and subscribers.
A part of the introduction to this book reads, “The people of Iran with the Islamic Revolution followed the rule of Allah, not for the worldly and materialistic sake, but because of the righteousness-seeking spirit and perfectionism, which was revived in them by the holy spirit of Ruhollah. They came to the rule of Islam in search of perfection and ultimately human excellence. The philosophy of the rule of Islam is to cultivate and teach humans to become perfect human beings and provide the basis for the long-term movement towards prosperity.”
It is worth mentioning; this book was printed and distributed by the Non-Iranian Pilgrims Office of Astan Quds Razavi.